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Unblock Your Bliss

What does it mean to live an abundant life? Do you feel like there is more to the life you’re living? Maybe you’re stuck, or not living to your highest potential. What is stopping you from living the life of your dreams? In order to manifest your dreams, it’s important to discover what those dreams […]

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EP 77: Golden Relationship Nuggets from Goldie Graham

Meet Goldie Graham, yoga instructor, working momma and romantic. Goldie has been featured in Yoga Journal, Runner’s World, Marie Claire, The Huffington Post and was among the list of the 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in America. She and her husband, Brogan of November Project, have a special relationship where they have designed their partnership […]

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When you want to be heard. LISTEN

Last week Jake and I had a 3-hour lunch date with our close friends. We were knee deep in soulful discussion, when there was a moment of resistance in the conversation. I wasn’t feeling like I was being heard, so I kept pushing my point, instead of listening and holding space for a new perspective. […]

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EP 73: Legacy Design with Goal Coach, Jacki Carr

It’s the new year, a new decade, and I bet you have some major goals. Well, Jacki Carr, is the perfect goal coach to help you reach your loftiest goals. She is the Goddess of goal setting, master connector and all around amazing human! Jacki wears a lot of hats: she’s a public speaker, a […]

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Our children are our greatest teachers

Hunter had a playdate yesterday, and she kept hitting her new sweet friend about a dozen times. She was ornery and being a bully. I was mortified and didn’t know what to do, so I tried to make light of the situation, profusely apologized and made a joke, all the while feeling ashamed of my […]

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Year in Reflection

Today’s my birthday and the last day of the year, a time for reflection and looking ahead. If you would’ve asked me 10-years ago, I never would’ve envisioned the life I’m living now, but this is exactly what I want. I have a loving partner, a beautiful daughter, and I’m grateful I get to live […]

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