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Go shawty, it’s our birthday! And Saturday September 23rd, we’re gonna party like it’s our birthday. Let’s celebrate by living it up … in our favorite PJs (or plaid bathrobes if you’re feelin’ extra fancy). Join me + 300 yogis as I teach morning vinyasa yoga 9-10am + DJ and dancing in your PJs in the posh Fremont Foundry Penthouse […]

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Relieve Stress at Work

  Join Audrey Sutton for a quick and easy yoga video that you can do at your chair at work, on a plane or anywhere where there is a seat. Relieve head to toe stress by stretching your muscles while sitting. Please let me know how this video helped you. Leave a comment below or […]

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Chakras: 101

In Hindu and yogic traditions, Chakra means “Wheel or vortex” and are energy points or nodes in the subtle body. There are 7 main Chakras, which are part of the subtle body, not the physical body, and as such are the meeting points of the subtle (non-physical) energy channels called nadis. Nadis are channels in […]

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How to balance the Chakras through Breathing

I have greatly enjoyed teaching my Yin Chakra Melt workshops in South Florida. It’s a combination of all the things I love: Yin Yoga + Chakras + aromatherapy healing + and of course getting to share my SOULSHINE messages! There’s so much information about balancing the 7 main Chakras. To learn more about each Chrakra […]

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How to get into Side Crow (Parsva Bakasana)

Learn how to get into Side Crow Arm Balance Yoga Pose. Please make sure your hips are open Watch my YouTube Video and please like and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Learn how to Get into Side Crow (Parsva Bakasana) with Audrey Sutton. This is a great yoga video for beginners. There are a number of […]

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Chakra Calming YIN Melt + Aromatherapy ~ This Saturday! 1-3PM

Chakra Calming YIN MELT with Aromatherapy & Essential Oils THIS Saturday April 18th 1-3PM    $35 It’s finally HERE!! I’m so excited for this weekend!  Enjoy a relaxing 2-hour Yin deep stretch Workshop with essential oils and aromatherapy to clear and calm your Chakras. Replenish, revive, balance and restore during this deeply calming, profound mind-body workshop. […]

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Blissful Beach Yoga Compliments of Lululemon

SAVE THE DATE! FREE Beach Bliss Yoga Sunday, March 30th Marcinski Beach, Juno Beach FL 9:30 – 10:30 AM + Bites, Beach & Fun Join your newest Lululemon Ambassador (me!) for a FREE Yoga class on the beach and hang out with us in the sun after enjoying beverages and bites. What can be better than flowing, breathing, […]

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How to Get Into Astavakrasana

How To Get Into ASTAVAKRASNA Astavakrasana – blog   Welcome to {WEEK 3} OF #ONELOVE2014 #instagramchallenge. You’re half way there! This week is all about poses we are still working on. Please be patient & compassionate with yourself this week. Life is a journey and there is no competition or destination in yoga. The Sanskrit […]

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