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Weekend of Self-LOVE in Florida

Self Love

Santosa SOUL flow

Friday, March 9th @ 6-7:30 PM  $20 

Ignite your transformational experience with SOULful vinyasa yoga led by Audrey Sutton. Through meditation, intuitive movement and breath, you will powerfully connect to your True Self, your heart and soul that loves you unconditionally and celebrates you. In this heart fire flow, you will focus on heart opening poses and pranayama to tune into your highest energy state of love, abundance and limitless potential.You deserve this sacred time to renew, love and empower yourself. All levels welcome.

Anahata Chakra Melt + massage + oils

Saturday, March 10 @ 1-3 PM  $40

Enjoy a relaxing 2-hour Yin deep stretch Workshop  including essential oils  and hands on healing assists and massage to balance and open your Heart Chakra. We will focus on opening hips and hearts in this deeply relaxing yin event and do a powerful mantra in movement to remove heavy energies and return to love. Melt even more with hands-on healing touch  for deeper relaxation. This is 2-hours of bliss, self-love and self-care.

Audrey will connect you to your heart chakra and guide you to reconnect to your True Self in order to honor and celebrate your gifts. Replenish, revive, and restore during this deeply calming mind-body workshop.

Reserve:  Haute Yoga Palm Beach, Florida (Clematis Studio)

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