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You know your purpose when you no longer question the meaning of your life.



Sippin’ on Yin & Juice – SOLD OUT

Candlelight Yin + Wine + Appetizers + Massage

Sunday, November 12th, 2017
 @ 1:30 – 3:30 PM  $35 early bird

Enjoy a candlelight Yin Melt workshop with Audrey Sutton including yin asana, pranayama, guided meditation and hands-on healing touch + oils +  massage + wine + appetizers. Candles and aromatherapy essential oils will deepen your experience for relaxation.

We will focus on opening your hips and heart in this deeply relaxing Yin practice. Melt even more while you receive hands-on healing touch and massage for deeper relaxation. After Savasana, enjoy a complimentary wine and appetizers. This is two hours of bliss, self-love and self-care!

Bring your friends, your significant other or come make new friends over a wine and appetizers after savasana. Replenish, revive, and restore during this calming mind-body workshop.

$35 includes yin melt workshop, complimentary glass of wine and appetizers.

Reserve: Haute Yoga Queen Anne

2131 Queen Anne Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98103


SARA (1)

Anahata Chakra Melt with massage & oils

yin + massage + oils to balance your heart chakra

Friday, November 17th, 2017
 @ 6:30 – 8:30 PM  $25 early bird

Enjoy a relaxing 2-hour Yin deep stretch Workshop with Audrey Sutton, including essential oils, aromatherapy and hands on healing assists and massage to balance and open your Heart Chakra. We will focus on opening hips and hearts in this deeply relaxing yin event. Melt even more with hands-on healing touch  for deeper relaxation. This is 2-hours of bliss, self-love and self-care.

Learn to quiet your inner critic and give yourself more encouragement, support and love. Audrey will connect you to your heart chakra and guide you to reconnect to your True Self in order to honor and celebrate your gifts. Replenish, revive, and restore during this deeply calming mind-body workshop.

Reserve:  BE Yoga Burien


 wine DEC

Sippin’ on Yin & Juice 

Yin + Wine + Appetizers + Massage

Saturday, December 23rd, 2017
 @ 1:30 – 4:00 PM  $45 early bird

Replenish, revive, and restore with this soul-nourshing yin yoga + natural/biodynamic wine tasting workshop.

We will kick things off with a Yin Melt practice led by Audrey Sutton. The sequence will focus on opening your hips and heart while melting you even more with pranayama, guided meditation and hands-on healing touch with oils + massage.

After Savasana, gather around for a natural & biodynamic wine class and tasting. Luke Wohlers of Walden Selections will introduce us to natural + biodynamic wines — what that means, how they are produced, and why we want to drink them! We will then sample 5-6 expertly-selected high end wines curated with the holidays in mind. All wines sampled will be available for purchase, a great opportunity to pick up meal pairings or last minute gifts.

Bring your friends, your significant other or come make new friends over wine, appetizers, and yoga.

Fee includes yin melt workshop, natural and biodynamic wine tasting/class + charcuterie appetizers. To learn more about Walden Selections + Luke Wohlers

 Reserve: Bala Yoga – (Fremont location).


ajna chakra melt

Ajna Chakra Melt with massage & oils

 Connect to your Higher Self + Sacred Intention with yin + massage + oils

Sunday, January 21st, 2016
 @ 1:30 – 3:30 PM  $40 early bird

Enjoy a relaxing 2-hour Yin deep stretch experience with Audrey Sutton, including essential oils + hands on assists to relax your body and mind + connect you to your Ajna Chakra. Ajna is your third eye chakra and the gateway to your higher consciousness, intuition and inspiration. Through guided meditation and breath-work, you will connect to your Higher Self along with light journaling, you will create your Sacred Intention for the year. Step into your power and divine radiance during this 2-hours of bliss, self-love and self-care. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine and appetizers after savasana. Replenish, revive, and restore during this deeply calming and empowering mind-body workshop.

Reserve: Bala Yoga – (Fremont location)




Master Class



Attendees will receive a certificate of completion for 6 CEUs accredited by the Yoga Alliance.

$35 early bird price for individual workshop ($40 on day of event) or $100 for all 3 sessions. Click HERE to RESERVE.


The Art of Hands-on-Assist

Friday August 25, 2017 2-4PM @ Bala Yoga Fremont

Assisting is the ultimate way to help deepen your student’s connection to their yoga practice by providing safe and appropriate touch as a healing tool of loving kindness to your students. Join Audrey for a two-hour workshop that will focus on giving healing hands-on assists to enhance your yoga students’ experience.

Audrey will empower you to build your confidence and learn in a fun, supportive environment. Learn the principles of giving powerful, safe, and transformational yoga assists. Learn the foundation that will empower you to create and customize hands-on assists safely and effectively.
This is an interactive workshop where you give and receive hands on assists, provide cues and receive feedback. Please bring your yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes.

 Sequencing with Intention and Creativity

 Friday September 29th , 2017 2-4PM @ Bala Yoga Fremont

Have you been to a yoga class where it seems the yoga teacher understands the needs of your body and intuitively guides you on a journey to slowly open physically and deepen your practice? Learn to create organic movement by combining yoga asana in this Master Class consisting of interactive lab, discussion and group participation. Empower your teaching skills with tools to create intentional, transformative, and effective vinyasa yoga sequences that are uniquely yours and represent your voice as a teacher.
You will learn the art of structuring intuitive and creative yoga sequences to fit your students’ needs and make each of them feel powerful and safe in your class. Create intelligent sequencing for peak poses, arm balances, forward folds, twists and postural groups. Speak with confidence and cue with clarity to compassionately understand and meet the needs of your students in any level yoga class.

Make a Lasting Impact

The Art of Theme-based classes

Sunday October 22nd , 2017 2-4PM @ Bala Yoga Fremont

We’ve all had yoga classes that leave a permanent mark in our memories and in our hearts. Maybe you have found yourself in a pool of liberating tears during Savasana or felt empowered by balancing in crow pose for the first time. Something that the teacher said, or how the message was delivered, can stick with us for years. Perhaps this teacher inspired you to become a teacher of service as well. As yoga teachers, we all want to give such impactful classes and inspire change in others.
So, how do we transform a mundane yoga class to a memorable one? Sequencing, voice and themes go hand-in-hand to touch your student’s soul and leave a lasting impression.
In this workshop, you will learn how to speak with authenticity and intention by creating theme-based yoga classes. Design your yoga classes with heart, meaning, and purpose. Deliver soulful experiences stimulating your students to feel alive, free and inspired. Teach intentional classes to touch your students’ hearts and souls, even long after they leave their yoga mats.

Goddess Gathering AUG




yoga + champagne brunch + soul school session


This full-day Soulful yoga retreat will ignite your divine feminine radiance and help you experience self-love and celebrate YOU! Enjoy morning Vinyasa & Yin Yoga, a delicious champagne brunch, and a gathering circle with discussions, meditation and journaling in a truly magical sanctuary – a stunning private yoga studio, dining room and decks …all with gorgeous panoramic Puget Sound views.


Located just 20 minutes from Seattle, this Soul School immersion is a transformative journey into your heart and soul – a place to be healed and become more whole and free. Following yoga and brunch, we will enjoy soulful conversations, figure out what’s holding you back and help you connect to your True Self, perform a healing mantra in movement to release anger and fear, and create your sacred Spring intention to help you feel more alive and abundant. This Goddess Gathering will leave you feeling whole, inspired and radiant.


Saturday August 12th , 2017 from 10:00am – 3:00pm - RESERVE HERE (sold out)


$98 includes yoga, mimosas, brunch and soul school session to spark your divine feminine radiance. Parking is limited, so please carpool if you can. Space is limited to 12 ladies. Please RESERVE your space by clicking LINK or email (408) 476-4400 if you would like to pay by check or credit card.





Yoga Under Glass

at Chihuly Gardens, Seattle

 Sunday May 21st, 2017 @ 8:30-9:30am

Join Audrey Sutton for Spring Yoga Under Glass at Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle. This the LAST yoga class at Chihuly until October, so please come and enjoy yoga under sunshine. What a unique and magical experience to practice yoga in a full floor-to-ceiling glass atrium with gorgeous massive Chihuly hand-blown glass flowers hovering above you as you look at the sky and Seattle space needle! Connect with your community and ignite your mind, body and spirit with yoga in Chihuly Garden and Glass’ inspirational Glasshouse. Accessible and designed for all skill levels, Audrey will take you through a special 60 minute yoga session, drawing inspiration from the creative and inspirational environment. . All levels welcome.
Space is limited to 150 guests and the event usually sells out, so please purchase your ticket prior to the event. Tickets must be purchased HERE prior to the event.

$22 per person (+tax)

8:15am entry | 8:30am start time



manipura chakra

Manipura Chakra Melt + wine + massage - SOLD OUT

Saturday Feb 25th @ 1:30 – 3:30PM

Enjoy a relaxing deep stretch Yin workshop with Audrey Sutton including YIN yoga + oils + massage + wine + appetizers. Yin Yoga, hands on healing touch and essential oils will help balance and enhance your Manipura Chakra- the solar plexus and seat of your personal power. We will focus on opening the side body, hips and heart in this deeply relaxing Yin practice. Melt even more while you receive hands-on healing touch and massage for deeper relaxation. After Savasana, enjoy a complimentary wine and appetizers. This is two hours of bliss, self-love and self-care!
Too often we are critical of ourselves. As we dive into your Manipura Chakra, (your 3rd Chakra of Self-esteem and personal power) you will harness your beauty, power and radiance. You deserve to give yourself more encouragement, support and love.
Audrey will connect you to your Manipura chakra and guide you to reconnect to your True Self in order to honor and celebrate your gifts. Replenish, revive, and restore during this deeply calming mind-body workshop. This is a great workshop to bring your friends and partner to celebrate yourself and socialize after.

$35 pp includes yin yoga + wine + massage + appetizers

Reserve: Haute Yoga Queen Anne 





For Soul Seekers and Students of Life

$98 for 3-week Soul School sessions

Are you a SOUL SEEKER? Join Audrey Sutton for a 3-week transformational immersion into your soul. Dive deep into your soul, connect to your True Self, discover your Dharma and create your personal legacy from a creative, passionate and authentic place.

Your Soul is calling you to discover a deeper sense of your purpose in life and live to your highest essence. You will learn to heal and love yourself, uncover your divine gifts and celebrate them with the universe. This self-exploration experience will connect you to your True Self, empowered your Spirit and inspire your Soul.

Starting February 8, 15, & 22nd 2017:

  • Connect with your inner child
  • Release the Ego (your inner critic) and quiet negative self-talk
  • Discover your Dharma (your purpose) and Create your Personal Legacy and destiny

Tuition includes:

  • Three 90-minute weekly Soul School Sessions
  • Soul School manual and workbook
  • Each class is recorded and emailed to you weekly
  • Homework that will deepen your soul practice
  • Soul buddy to help with accountability and growth
  • Virtual Online forum to extend the conversation

Wednesday evenings: February 8, 15, 22nd 2017 from 7:00-8:30 PM   $98 total tuition

Yoga Instructors receive 8 hours Yoga Alliance Certified Continued Education Credits

Reserve: Bala Yoga – (Fremont location)

All classes held at Bala Yoga in Fremont. Please reserve your space. Space is limited.


SOUL SCHOOL Continued Curriculum

$35 for 90-min Soul School session

Shed Light on Your Shadows - March 2017 TBD



SOUL SCHOOL: Create the Relationships You Desire

Tuesday January 17th @ 7:00 – 8:30PM

Join Audrey Sutton for a 90-minute SOUL SCHOOL workshop on having the relationships of your dreams. Identify when to lovingly let go of toxic relationships and learn how to strengthen your current relationships. Learn how to attract the person you desire, release the myth of scarcity in order to move from a place of relationship abundance and create life-long and meaningful relationships.

This SOUL SCHOOL session will help you to heal and love yourself, uncover what is holding you back and create all of the lasting relationships you long for.

Please bring a notebook, an open mind and heart.

$35/pp includes gathering circle + wine

Reserve: Bala Yoga – (Fremont location)

2-hours of Yoga Alliance Continued Education Credit



Yin Chakra Melt with Chakra Essential Oils - SOLD OUT

Yin Deep Stretch + Hands on Healing Touch & massage + Reiki + Essential Oils to balance your Chakras, + wine & apps

Enjoy a relaxing 2-hour Yin deep stretch Workshop with essential oils and aromatherapy to clear and balance each Chakra + hands-on-touch and massage from FOUR Yoga Healers for deeper relaxation + Reiki Healing by Dana + Wine & apps.  Release fear, worry and Ego through a journey through your Chakras and re-connect to your Higher Self, joy and abundance.  Replenish, balance and nourish during this deeply calming,  mind-body workshop followed by a long savasana with healing massage plus a complimentary glass of wine and light bites after. This is a 2-hour transformational experience of self-love and self-care you don’t want to miss!

Yin yoga is a gentle practice of long-held, deeply relaxing poses that slowly stretch your muscles, connective tissue and joints. The poses will cleanse and calm your chakras, or energy pathways of the body, restoring youthful joint mobility as you quietly activate and gather your prana, your life force.

Aromatherapy and essential oils for each Chakra plus Reiki, hands on healing massage and touch will compliment your relaxation and renewal yoga practice leaving you feeling relaxed, calm, and restored.  All levels welcome.

$35/person includes yin workshop + essential oils + massage + wine and light bites

Custom made oil sprays available for sale $25  ($5 OFF at workshop or 2 for $45) Perfect for Holiday gifts

Sunday, December 11th, 2016
 @ 1:00 – 3:00 PM - SOLD OUT

Reserve: Bala Yoga – (Fremont location)

3624 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103



Release your inner critic & Connect with your True Self

Yin, Hands on Healing & Journaling

Saturday, October 15th, 2016
 @ 1:30 – 3:30 PM   $35

Join Audrey Sutton for a 2 hour transformational experience of Yin, hands on healing touch, and journaling  to learn ways to release your inner critic and align with your True Self.  This is 2 hours of self love and self care. $35/pp.
Rather than listening to our heart, we too often unconsciously allow ourselves to be imprisoned by the limited beliefs of our ego – the inner critic that feeds us a steady stream of bullshit about how we are not good enough, we don’t have enough, and there will never be enough. Perhaps you just haven’t fully connected with your True Self that believes in you, rejoices in your gifts, loves you unconditionally, and knows that you are here for a greater purpose.

Reserve: Haute Yoga Queen Anne




Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness

Tuesdays October 4th & 12th @ 6:30-7:30PM (2-week series)

Live with joy, compassion and gratitude when you quiet your mind and allow it to settle into your heart

Session 1: Meditation for people who don’t want to meditate

Wednesday, October 5th  6:30 -7:30pm

Turn down the volume of the incessant chatter, stories and commentary in your mind, become more present and hear the whisper of your heart and Soul. In this class, you will sample a variety of easy meditation techniques to help you quiet the mental gymnastics in your head. All levels welcome… perfect for those who are interested in, but possibly intimidated by, the practice of meditation.

Session 2: Living with Mindfulness

Wednesday, October 12th  6:30 -7:30pm

Learn easy tools to develop a daily habit of meditation to quiet your mind and be more mindful in your daily life. Being mindful is the process of gently observing where your thoughts and emotions take you, without getting caught up in the story.  You can’t always control the future or change the past, but you can always change your perspective. When you’re able to observe your mind, you are no longer imprisoned by it. Your power lies only in the present moment. Being mindful allows you to live in the present moment with happiness, gratitude and ease.

$45 for 2-week series or $25 drop-in per class

RESERVE: Bala Yoga – (Fremont location)



FB inner child AD

Love & Nourish your Inner Child

Yin, Hands on healing touch & Guided meditation

Immerse yourself in a nourishing and heart-touching 2-hour yin workshop with hands on healing touch and sweet guided meditation to connect to your inner child.

Join Audrey Sutton for this transformational journey into compassion and self-love.

As adults we a have a tendency to be very harsh on ourselves. Imagine how you talk to yourself if you were 5 years old? You would never be harsh, demeaning, or judgmental to a 5-year old child. So why do we talk that way to ourselves?

Connect with your inner child to give yourself that kind of love, compassion and gentleness. Learn to be mindful of how you talk to yourself, silently and out loud, in order to change your inner dialogue. You deserve to be softer, more compassionate, patient and loving with yourself.

Please bring a photo of you when you were 4-7 years old

Sunday, August 28th, 2016
 @ 1:00 – 3:00 PM   $35

ReserveBala Yoga – (Fremont location)


BALANCE ME: restorative/yin + understanding your inner critic + mindful eating habits

balance me - FACEBOOK BANNERDo you find yourself often eating on the go and craving foods that are not good for you?

Are you feeling overworked, unhealthy, exhausted or depleted?

Balance Me is the first in a series of workshops that help nourish your mind, body and spirit.  This workshop will help you bring more BALANCE into your life with gentle and healing asanas, guided meditation, and a gathering circle to help you bring loving awareness of your inner critic, negative self-talk, and eating habits.

We will start with a nourishing yin/restorative practice that will enable your body to move to a more calming, healing, mindful and restorative place. After practice, Audrey Sutton and Jenn Hepton will lead you through a meditation practice that will help bring a sense of mindfulness to your spirit by connecting to your True Self and understanding the inner critic that feeds us a steady stream of bullshit about how we are not good enough, why we don’t have enough, and there will never be enough. Finally, we will discuss how you can become more mindfully aware and balanced in how you feed your body, mind and soul.

For being part of our Nourish the Spirit community, Audrey and Jenn will email a sweet video of how to start your meditation practice along with recipes that support you in your journey of bringing more balance to your daily life.

Oh yah! We LOVE the KOMBUCHA at BALA for so many reasons, but mainly because it’s amazing for your gut! So, if you sign up before April 17th – we would LOVE to give you a free cup of Kombucha to enjoy!

Sunday April 24th, 2016
 @ 1:00 – 3:00 PM 

Reserve: Bala Yoga – (Fremont location)













Learn to float and fly with Audrey Sutton in a 2-hour all levels yoga workshop focused on arm balances. Whether you have never done an arm balance or fly all the time, this workshop is great for yogis at any level. Audrey will show you how to activate your bandhas and use specific muscles needed to safely balance with ease and grace.


Saturday,  June 25th, 2016
 @ 1:30 – 3:30 PM  

Reserve: Haute Yoga Queen Anne

2131 Queen Anne Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98103


S O U L S H I N E  Class  - by donation


Join lululemon ambassador, Yoga Instructor, & Author Audrey Sutton the last Sunday of every month for a 60-minute S O U L S H I N E Sunday session to nourish your soul, be whole, authentic and free.

Soul Sessions are composed of meditation & discussion on key topics of loving yourself, manifesting your dreams, finding the relationships you desire, discovering your purpose, and living a passionate, fulfilling life. Audrey will help you identify what is holding you back from discovering a more complete version of yourself, build healthy self-worth and live a life full of gratitude, awareness, peace, love, and joy. Please come comfy and bring your friends.

  • September 27th            Manifest Your Dreams
  • October 25th                     Get Out of A Funk & Raise Your Vibration
  • January 31st                       Discover Your Dharma & Create Your Personal Legacy
  • February 28th                Align with Your True Self: Harness Your Personal Power

S O U L S H I N E Sunday sessions are by donation. 100% of donations go to Quantum House in West Palm Beach. COMING SOON TO SEATTLE!

Please sign up for newsletter and check online for up to date schedule.



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