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How to bring a little bit more magic in the everyday


Last weekend I taught yoga at samsara yoga festival where each of the workshops were hosted in open air huts in a large hall. The challenge is that the sound echoed and you could hear the classes next to you. One of the days when I was teaching relaxing yin yoga and meditation, a gong bath and drum circle started playing next door. Why couldn’t it have been a sweet crystal sound bowl healing instead? I took a few breaths and kept teaching. A few minutes later Justin Bieber started blasting in the room next to the gong bath. As I yelled “RELAX!” over the noise, my students seemed to become frustrated. Apparently we were surrounded by a gong bath and a barre class. It was like a rave dance party + gong bath for 90 minutes.

I chuckled and turned off my playlist and told the students, “well, this is where our real yoga practice begins.”

I love yoga because every time we come to our mat, we receive a new lesson. Our yoga practice on our mats is really is simply preparation for dealing with our world off our mats. We can’t control the outside world but we can control our internal perspective. We will always be challenged by the Biebers and gong baths in life, but our lesson is to go with the flow, breathe and create less resistance to that resistance.

On Sunday, I taught on the big stage where I had a mic and a sound system. My mind was blown. I didn’t have to shout. Everyone could hear me. There was no gong bath, no Bieber house music, no distractions. I think I may have heard angels singing “Hallelujah.” I was so happy to just be heard without shouting! This was just another lesson from our mats. It’s amazing how easily we can take the everyday little things for granted. When we are grateful, we don’t miss out on all of the magic that surrounds our everyday life.

Take a moment and think about what you are grateful for. List off the little and the big things…the people in your life…the breath that you take…the beat of your heart. Share them in the comments below and tag a friend whom you’re grateful for to them know you are thinking of them and love them.

I am grateful for you!

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