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EGO is a Bitch!

My girlfriend has been dating a great guy for the past few months. He seems to have it all and they are having a good time together. Everything seems too good to be true, however, she recently confessed that she doesn’t like the uncertainty of whether they will work out or not, and almost would rather know the outcome now (even if it’s a bad one) than live daily with a mild case of anxiety. This is the Ego is full effect. Our ego is a bitch and a control freak! As soon as we obtain or get close to happiness, reach a goal or dream, our ego sabotages us to keep us stuck in a low-grade sense of suffering and uncertainty.

We’ve all been there. We are so used to the glass ceiling of happiness, that when we reach a point where things look great, our ego sabotages us just enough to bring us back to our comfort zone and our negative cycles, even though that place may be uncomfortable. Your ego loves to draw you back into your whirlwind of negative habits and drive you to continually self-destruct without knowing that you are doing it.

Brene Brown refers to the ego as the “hustler,” a con man, always trying to convince you to do something that is in his best interest, even if doing that thing may not be in your best interest. Your ego is the hustler that is always comparing, judging and criticizing. The hustler is never satisfied.  It always wants more, and it’s hustling and cutting corners to get it. Your ego says that you don’t have enough, that this situation is not good enough, that you are not enough.

In contrast, your Soul is the part of you that is seeking meaning and purpose. It’s the part of you that is drawn to hope, love, and truth. Our life is a classroom. Meditation and practicing mindfulness will help create space to allow you to objectively observe whether you are listening to your ego or your soul. Each situation presents you with an opportunity to choose: Will you make the choices that enhance your soul or suffocate your power?

Every person has to try and put energy and effort into their own life. We all have an intuitive voice within us. We are so intuitive that that is usually the cause of our own greatest suffering. People hear and are aware of the voice of their soul, but they ignore it and betray themselves, and instead side with their slick egoic mind. When you don’t follow your soul, your heart, and your gut instinct, then you suffer. Don’t let the hustler sabotage your happiness and drain your energy. When you feel uneasy, like you are compromising yourself, negotiating your sense of integrity, and ignoring your heart, then you are betraying yourself in some way. Your intuition of your Soul tells you when you’re dating the wrong person, in the wrong job, or making bad choices that aren’t in alignment with you values, purpose, and building your Spirit.

People suffer when they pursue a life, chase a dream, or had a fist-like hold on something, someone, or a path that doesn’t belong to them. Give up the need to know what happens tomorrow. Relish in the moment instead of suffering in the moment. Let go of expectations and judgments and enjoy the ride. When you can let go of the outcome and be fully present, appreciating all that is in your life right now, you won’t suffocate yourself and sabotage your dreams. When you’re in the present moment and listening to your soul, you will feel alive, full, loved and know that you’re heading in the right direction. You will be at peace, knowing that you’ve done everything you can do, and can accept, surrender, trust and have faith that the Universe has your back and it all works out as it should.


Weekly Mantra: Let go of the outcome. I am aligning with  my values and purpose, and the Universe will support me.

* Expert from Audrey Sutton’s book The Blissful Bitch due out 2014 *

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