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EGO: Remove the E and Let it GO


I love helping people connect to their purpose and align with their True Self. Your True Self is your Soul, that part of you that is authentic and free and wants you to celebrate and share your gifts with the world. Your True Self unconditionally loves you, believes in abundance and knows you are worthy of making all of your dreams come true. However, we too often allow ourselves to be imprisoned by the limited beliefs of the Ego, our inner critic, that feeds us a steady stream of bullshit about how we are not good enough, we don’t have enough and there will never be enough.

Susan Conrad, founder of, describes a simple, yet powerful concept called “Above the Line/Below the line” to gauge how you are vibing at that particular moment. Basically, when you are above the line, your words, thoughts, actions and feelings are in line with your True Self. You feel energized, inspired, creative, kind, light, fun, abundant, secure, happy, worthy and excited.

In contrast, when you dip below the line, you experience nasty, heavy feelings of negative emotions such as guilt, anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, or apathy because you have aligned your actions and beliefs with your inner critic. Although we are human and it’s normal to travel between both sides, how do you raise your vibration to stay above the line, connected to your True Self as much as possible?

  1. AWARENESS of when you have dipped below the line and have aligned with the Ego is the first step to change. You know when you have connected to your Ego whenever you feel inferior or superior to someone or something, comparing, competing, judging, wishing for something different, beating yourself up, feeling like you’re missing out, or feeling like you are not good enough.
  2. STOP. Once you are aware that you have aligned with the inner critic, the next step is to stop – stop your thinking, your activity, your complaining, your judging, your negative dialogue or story that is keeping you below the line. Do something else to shift your energy and clear your mind. Go for a run, head to the beach, call a friend, meditate or treat yourself to a hot bath.
  3. SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE in order to disconnect from your Ego and connect to your True Self. This takes practice, patience and self-love. The Ego is slick. It feeds on scarcity and loves to keep you below the line. When you have dipped below the line, show compassion to yourself. Trust that you have the power to consciously choose your thoughts, words and actions that are in alignment with your True Self. It is a continual practice to shift your energy and rise above the line.

Perhaps you’ve been spending too much precious time with your inner critic. It’s time release your Ego and connect more with your True Self, your Soul, that believes in you, rejoices in your gifts, loves you unconditionally, and knows that you are here for a greater purpose.

Join me this Sunday for SOULSHINE SUNDAY where we will discuss how to recognize when you’ve dipped below the line and aligned with your Ego and how to consistently raise your vibration above the line and stay connected with your True Self and purpose. Sunday July 26th 4-5PM at Haute Yoga Palm Beach. All donations go to Quantum House. Please bring your friends.

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