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How to get unstuck

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll remember Fat Kid Freddy. He’s my alter ego, my shadow self. He shows up usually when I’m below-the-line and pulls me further down in fear, greed and scarcity. When he is in control, I travel down a shame spiral into guilt, self-loathing and disappointment. He is a part of my life and will always be there. Sometimes I am free of him and together we live in healthy balance. At other times, he is in control which means I am completely out of control. It’s a tug of war between unconscious reacting and conscious responding, where I am always seeking to find the middle ground.

When things are really bad for me, Fat kid Freddy brings his friend, Procrastination Pete. Together, they demolish my self-esteem, causing me to sink lower into my bad cycles and past conditioning, holding me hostage in inertia and laziness. Instead of being productive and good to myself, these guys coerce me to watch hours of Downton Abbey reruns while eating plates of nachos and truffle popcorn. Yep, plates. There’s no productivity or creativity. I’m not living in the moment. I’m just pushing off dealing with the moment.

If you’re jiving with me, maybe you’re there now or can recognize being in that past cycle of inactivity and apathy. In light of all of the recent tragic natural disasters, our current political climate, even to the simple change of season, life can feel chaotic and overwhelming. In these uncertain times, fear can take over and paralyze you. More inertia just creates more inertia, and it can be hard to find a way out of the dark hole. It’s easy for our internal world to shut down because our external world is too much to bear.

You are not a victim. You have the power to free yourself. You can do it in an instant.

Ask yourself: is this serving me?

Is your thought helping or hurting you?

Is your action moving you forward or holding you back from your heart’s desire?

If the answer is NO, then step back into your power - become aware of what’s not working and take action. Returning to your mindfulness practice grounds you and connects you back to your True Self. Mindfulness creates change. Change happens in an instant when you take action. Usually it is the opposite of what you are currently doing (or not doing).

This is a miracle to know that in an instant you can shift your perspective and create change by deciding to shift your perspective and take action to better yourself. And just like that, you become unstuck.

Change begins with you. With this thought. This breath. This moment.

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