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Goodbye Florida, Hello Seattle! Lean into change with courage and love.

DCIM107GOPROBuddha said our suffering is found in our attachment and aversion. Change is always scary. So, our human nature is to try to control the outcome or resist the present moment. However, when we try to control someone or something, we limit the path to only one way rather than opening to the infinite paths of the Universe. When we resist the present moment, we limit our perspective. Of course, it’s part of our human nature to want to have an easy and untroubled journey through this life, but it is imperative to release your attachment and aversion to your current circumstance and challenges. Flow with life, rather than struggling and resisting it.

Currently, I am faced with a lot of change. My boyfriend and I are moving to Seattle in month. I love the sun – that’s why I’ve lived in California, Arizona and Florida. So to trade in sunny days at the beach for cloudy, rainy days inside is a scary thought. Also, to uproot my business and friendships is a bit terrifying. There have been a host of dramatic “what-if” scenarios I’ve played in my head. Rather than closing down and listening to the Ego and it’s fear-based worry, I can meditate and create space to hear the whisper of my heart and the truth. I have found that whenever I am fearful, yet very excited, about something, then it must be important to me and it’s imperative to step into that opportunity. We have a choice to shrink into fear or lean into courage.

If you are on this life journey to connect to your authentic, True Self and become whole, you will understand that every person and situation in your life is bringing a gift or a lesson to restore your wholeness. The challenge is to be patient and stay open minded. Like a parachute, we can only function and heal when we are open. Let the Universe unfold its path for you. Step into challenges, change and opportunity with courage and love. Don’t worry, be patient, take heart, and trust that there is an amazing plan for you.

I never thought my plan would be to move to Seattle, but love is taking me there, and I must follow my heart. I will miss you Florida! Most importantly, I will really miss all of the beautiful souls I have met here. If you are in the Palm Beach area, I will be teaching through November and would love to see you. I am truly grateful for these 4 years of growth, friendship and memories.

Much Love,



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