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What your inner child would say to you now

Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do.  ~Jean de la Bruyere

IMG_4968I never got to go camping as a kid. I got to go to karate practice and Kumon math. Oh boy! I was introduced to camping as an adult and really like it. Last weekend my mountain man fiancé and I visited Second Beach on the Washington coast. Camping makes me feel like a kid again. No cell service, no obligations, no bed time. You don’t even have to brush your teeth.

As we camped on the beach with s’mores roasting over the bonfire, I contemplated why don’t we allow ourselves to be kids more often? Why don’t we treat our adult selves the way we treat a child?

Many adults rarely allow themselves to cut loose, be in the moment with no worries and just play and really enjoy life. Through conditioning over the years, we have learned to achieve and attain instead of living and celebrating ourselves and life fully.

We place many expectations, pressure and strain on ourselves to reach goals and to be and act a certain way. Often times, we judge and criticize ourselves through the process. The internal dialogue can be pretty harsh. When things don’t work out, we even go so far as to berate or even abuse ourselves with negative self-talk and shame, adding more stress to our lives. And what’s worse, is when things do work out, we barely give ourselves enough credit to fully celebrate our wins and gifts often demanding more from ourselves to achieve more.

There is a kid in you who want to feel free, connected and loved. The way you talk to and treat yourself as an adult is never how you would talk to and treat a 5-year old child. You would never be harsh or demeaning. Rather, you would be considerate, thoughtful and overly supportive.

Instead of putting so much pressure on yourself, having negative self-talk and false beliefs in scarcity of resources, talents, or time, how can you be more nurturing, compassionate, patient and encouraging?

What would happen if you created a daily habit of checking in with your inner child to see what you need, how you feel and how you can feel most supported and secure? Maybe you would find out that need more play time, or to know that everything will work out, or that you are beautiful and perfect the way you are.

Your inner child has great advice for you and is urging you to honor, love and celebrate yourself more and be radically kind to yourself.


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