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What I learned from a 15-month old

What I learned from a 15-month old


Jake and I traveled to Wyoming to visit his family for Thanksgiving. We did our usual Holiday family stuff: eat lots of turkey and stuffing…cut down a Christmas tree…eat again…decorate Christmas tree… eat some more. My nephew is just 15 months old. After we decorated the tree, we turned on the lights and couldn’t have anticipated a better reaction from him. Freaked out doesn’t even give his reaction justice! He can’t talk yet, but his body language and squealing laughter did all the communicating. For 10-minutes, he jumped up and down doing air squats, vigorously clapping his hands and hooting from pure exhilarating joy!

How could something as simple as red and green lights make a human so joyfully giddy? When was the last time you were that happy?

When we were young, every day seems to drag on. Our summers seemed so beautifully long and the space until the holidays couldn’t get here fast enough. Our time passed at a snail’s pace because we saw life with fresh eyes. Each moment was a new experience.

As adults, time flies by in a blink. Where did our summer go? Heck, where did the year go?! We slip into routine: wake up – shower – eat – commute – work – eat – sleep – repeat. Our days blend together becoming predictable and common.

Children offer us tiny reminders to take time to observe this moment from a new viewpoint in order to experience things for the first time. They’re not anxiously planning or worrying about what to do next. They’re not carrying yesterday’s burden. They cry when they’re upset. They smile when they’re happy. They are fully experiencing the present moment. If we could practice this (even just a little bit), how would you relate differently to this moment? How would this day feel different?

It can be easy to let the last month of 2017 quickly pass especially with the Holiday season in full swing. The hustle and bustle keeps us busy and distracted. Instead of this moment feeling anxious or mundane, can you stop and take a big breath to see it from a new lens of child-like curiosity and delight?

Gently remind yourself to pause and breathe it all in. Take time to see the magic in every day moments.

Need some breathing room? Press pause, take a breath and join me in a special sacred space at lululemon University Village on Friday, December 22nd. Stop by the store anytime from 11:30am– 3:30pm and take a seat with me in their pop-up breathing room as I lead you through 15-minutes of gratitude meditation and journaling.




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