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How I learned I’m addicted

6F041648-86D1-4E01-B1A3-6479F120633C 3Jake and I went on our babymoon to Tofino, Canada this past weekend. We took Farley, the van, and explored rainforests, hiked through waterfalls and had some great meals beachside. It was wonderful!

I didn’t have any cell coverage or access to internet and it felt great!… well, not at first.

At first, I had a mini panic attack. What if someone really needs to get ahold of me?  Or what if I can’t sleep and want to check instagram in the middle of the night?

It’s amazing how we have become addicted to our screens. I’m ashamed to say that I am definitely hooked on picking up my cell phone when I’m bored.

Just like meditation, with the bustling thoughts softening into peace, after about a half day, the panic sensation began to fade and I was present to everything around me. I then could enjoy the scenery and the beauty as it was, instead of being distracted. I even made friends with boredom and let myself decompress.

We don’t let ourselves just BE anymore. We’re so busy, multitasking and being stressed, that we may even view this as a badge of honor.

So, do me a favor. Do yourself a favor. If you can, STOP. Close your eyes. And take 5 DEEP. SLOW. BREATHS.

Notice a difference. Look around you.

It’s in these moments of presence that we can find something sacred, something special.

Enjoy the rest of your day, my friend.


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