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Love Yourself & Your Inner Child

S O U L S H I N E Sunday Class 

this Sunday March 29th

4:00 – 5:00PM
Haute Yoga Palm Beach


I’m so excited to begin a monthly tradition for feeding your soul! Hope you can join me this Sunday from 4-5pm at Haute Yoga on Palm Beach island for S O U L S H I N E Sunday, where we discuss a topic that feeds your soul, elevates your consciousness, helps  you to be whole, so you can live life more fully. This month’s topic is Love Yourself and Your Inner Child. All donations go to There will be discussion and a guided meditation.

Please bring a friend and a photo of you when you were 4-7 years old.

A lot of times we can’t seem to allow ourselves to be authentic and free because we are so self-judging and critical. Being whole means identifying all parts of your personality and unconditionally loving all of yourself.  This may be the hardest challenge. At the root of any dark shadow is fear – the fear of being alone, being unloved, and not being good enough.

However, if you can’t access all parts of yourself and love yourself in your entirety, you will not be able to be truly happy and attract the people and circumstances you want in your life.  You will always be coming from a dark place of scarcity, anger, bitterness and fear, rather than from a light place of abundance, love, compassion, grace and courage.

You can only love yourself as much as you believe you are lovable.
I’m pretty sure all of us want to love ourselves unconditionally. But how? Isn’t it so peculiar how you can freely give compliments and love to others, but may have a hard time giving it to yourself? It’s so crucial to practice a healthy dose of daily self-love, value all of your qualities, be able to share these qualities with the people in your life, and be okay with appreciating and honoring yourself.  Commit to loving yourself as much as possible, because when you love yourself, you will be able to fully love others, and you can fully appreciate the love they tender back to you.
Loving yourself begins with accepting all parts of your personality, the dark and light shadows. Throughout the years, perhaps you have developed a way of talking to yourself unkindly. You know what I’m saying. It’s the little nasty negative voice in your head. This is your ego always comparing, criticizing and judging you and others. When something like a relationship, or job, or circumstance doesn’t work out, do you tend to blame yourself and feel like crap or can you see the situation as it truly is without your inner critic picking yourself apart.

As adults we a have a tendency to be very harsh on ourselves. But how would you talk to your adult self if you were 5 years old? You would be gentle, kind, loving and informative, right? You would never be harsh, demeaning, or judgmental to a 5-year old child. Even though you’re an adult, treat yourself now with that kind of love, compassion and gentleness. When you can start to be mindful of how you talk to yourself, silently and out loud, you can then begin to change your inner dialogue and choose to be softer, compassionate, patient and more loving with yourself.

Nothing is more important and will make you more content than loving yourself fully. This love must come from within. Nothing outside yourself can complete you. When you love yourself, you have faith that your life is working out as it should, and you are confident and value yourself to handle the challenges, opportunities and successes in your life. When you can truly love yourself, you can genuinely share your gifts, love others fully, and express your fullest version of yourself and your purpose to the world. Ultimately your soul wants you to be whole, happy, free and to shine bright.
Hope to see you this Sunday from 4:00 – 5:00 PM at Haute Yoga Palm Beach for donation
S O U L S H I N E Sunday on Love Yourself & Your Inner Child!

Can’t make this Sunday? Check out the schedule and meet us every last Sunday of the month to feed your soul (next class is April 19th 4-5PM)

Much Love,


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