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The one thing you can count on is CHANGE

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No one likes change. Transitions are hard. It’s called growing PAINS for a reason.

But what I’ve found is that I am a co-creator in my own suffering when I resist change. We create more suffering when we resist the present moment.

Change is just the natural ebb and flow of life’s current. We create more struggle when we go against the current. Change is new and unknown, and our Ego likes to stay in control.

Personally, I am struggling with change in my journey through pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong – I am thrilled to be growing a little human inside me, and I am feeling good and loving this time in my life! It is still change.

I can’t do the same things I used to be able to do – tying my shoes is a workout these days! My body is not the same body – I feel like an alien has taken over it. Comparison is a bitch. My identity is being challenged as I must let go of (at least for a time period) the career goals I worked so hard for. My unwarranted fear is that I will be forgotten and be meaningless. Dramatic, I know! Blame it on the hormones.

This transition is yet another of life’s lessons for me to surrender to the present moment, let go of my kung fu grip on my expectations and go with the natural ebb and flow of life.

Maybe you can’t relate specifically to what I’m going through, but the topic of change, in general, is very much real to every person. It is unavoidable. The more you can embrace it, the easier you can flow with and through life.

Here are a few ways to bring awareness to your situation in order to embrace change and transition:

  1. Notice where in your life you are resisting or controlling. It may show up in your emotions such as anger, resentment, fear, or procrastination or in your relationships. This may be an area to focus on letting go.
  2. Notice where/who/what you are judging. Judgement is the opposite of acceptance. This may be an area in your life to hold space in order to witness your Ego and your co-creation in your own suffering in the situation.
  3. Think of all of the ways and outcomes that could go wrong when you resist and try to control the outcome or person. We have our habits and patterns, and hopefully by looking to your past, you can help heal your future. For example, I think of past experiences when I have tried to control someone or a certain path, and how that never works out as planned.
  4. Ask “what if?” and think of new outcomes and creative possibilities when you go with the flow rather than resist it. You may recognize the falseness in your control and open to bigger opportunities.

Let me know if this process has helped you let go (even just a little) and open your perspective to more freedom, abundance and more possibility.

One of the ways I have shed the fear of “losing” my identity as a yoga teacher is to open myself to possible career paths that will keep me connected to YOU as I transition into a foreign role of motherhood. By surrendering to the present circumstance, I am excited to announce my new project, the SOUL SCHOOL PODCAST, where we discuss topics that connect us to our Soul and to each other. We’ll talk about tips and tools to live a more abundant life as well as talk with inspirational people about how they stay connected to what makes them feel alive and passionate. I’m so excited about this next chapter and would love your support when this podcast goes live later this month!

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