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If it scares AND excites you…you must do it


I am an introvert.

I don’t like change.

I don’t like uncertainty.

Yep, basically I’m a chicken.

But I’ve found that if there is a nagging intuition that scares you AND also excites you, this is your internal GPS guiding you. And you must follow your inner guidance.

Recently, I was running with a friend and told her I was feeling really called to raise money for a local non-profit organization where she gave me a neutral, ho-hum response. There was a long silent pause and for some reason I told her my dream of mentoring teen girls into their journey of self-love and empowerment. I quickly added, “but this is a 2-5 year goal. Not any time soon.” She stopped running and excitedly said, “Now THAT I can get behind!” After a few more laps, I contemplated, “yeah, why am I not getting behind it too?”

For a while now, I have been wanting to create a non-profit for young girls to help build their self-esteem, love themselves more and connect with other girls through real conversation. My heart would tug me in that direction, but my mind always overpowered my desire by providing a plethora of reasons why it wasn’t the right time, how it couldn’t support itself, why it would fail and how teenagers can be ruthless and mean. Just writing this makes my pits start to sweat. All of the uncertainty and fear brought me right back to high school, just hoping that people would like me and show up for my party.

The fear is big. But the need for this type of support is bigger.

As adults, we spend so much time, effort and resources to unwind all of the pain that our past has created. Pretty much all of my writing, speaking and teaching revolves around the subject of letting go of our inner-critic and building more self-love. If I had been part of a group that supported connection and empowered each other, and at a young age learned how to love myself, let go of criticism and deal with bullying and comparison in healthy ways, how would I be different today?

Even though my mind was screaming all of the ways this project would fail, I did it! (insert Big Gulp sound). When you are scared and also excited about something, you must do it.

In my personal journey and evolution from business owner to yoga instructor, I have learned to lean less on my mind and it’s confusing, often useless chatter, and trust my inner guidance and intuition. I’ve learned that every time I have followed my heart and ventured ahead whole-heartedly from my Truest self with my highest intentions, the Universe conspires to help me.

When you move from your True Self toward your passion, the people, opportunities, resources will rise up to meet and greet you.

I am human and I don’t like uncertainty. I am a pessimist by habit.

But my yoga and meditation practice has offered me the lesson, time and again, that if I show up, and do the work to continue to be in alignment with my True Self, to let go of worry and trust the path, the journey will unfold exactly as it should.

It will all work out.

So, here we go on this next part of my journey of mentoring teen girls.

I am open.

I am vulnerable.

I am whole-heartedly and completely passionate about this project.

If you are also passionate about this, I would love your help and support through sharing and liking our Facebook page and following us on Instagram, starting up your own tribe in your community, becoming a mentor and sharing your gifts and lessons to teens, volunteering your skills of graphic design, web development, PR and social media and your donations and sponsorship to SHEinspires. Phew, that was a lot! I’m sure there’s more. I’m excited to take this journey with you.

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