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The Power of Intention

“Heaven and Earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find” – Wayne Dyer

When living unconsciously, it’s easy to feel lost, powerless, reactive and unsure of your purpose. Every choice you make has a consequence, and you will reduce your suffering when you make these choices consciously. The power of intention will help you bring conscious awareness, purpose, and passion to your thoughts, words, and actions.

Intention is at the heart of creating authentic power. You are responsible for what you create. Your intentions are not just what you want (like your goals and objectives). More importantly, they are how you want to be –loving, compassionate, peaceful, open and friendly in every situation. When you know that you have authentic power to choose to respond from the most lovingly part of your personality instead of simply reacting from a place of fear, you no longer need to feel like a victim, compete, curse the universe, or blame and shame others.

So, how do you bring intention into your daily life? Intention begins with awareness. When you are living unconsciously, you are reacting to the cause and allowing things to happen to you. When you are aware, you can choose how you want to respond and influence your outcome. Your power resides in your conscious intention. By going inward, you will experience a small gap between the cause and your reaction. In this consciousness gap, you have the power to intentionally choose to react from the most loving, compassionate and peaceful part of your soul. Experience follows intention.

For example, if you are a stay at home mom, you may become frustrated, stressed, resentful, and feel overwhelmed by your kids, husband, and life in general. If you are living unconsciously, you may sometimes react impulsively and yell at your children, snap at your hubby, or otherwise be unkind or moody to them, because you are coming from a place of fear, anger or resentment. However, when you are practicing the power of intention and awareness, you can take a step back and choose to align yourself with who you want to be and how you really wish to lovingly respond. You have the power of intention in every moment.

Living with awareness and clear intention is a habit that becomes easier with daily practice. Harness your power of intention, and you will live with purpose and dwell blissfully in a world of your creation.

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