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Year in Reflection

Today’s my birthday and the last day of the year, a time for reflection and looking ahead.

If you would’ve asked me 10-years ago, I never would’ve envisioned the life I’m living now, but this is exactly what I want. I have a loving partner, a beautiful daughter, and I’m grateful I get to live my passion and Legacy Every. Single. Day.

But the road to get here hasn’t been easy. It’s been filled with #heartbreak, #depression, more heartbreak, #addiction, shame, lots of self-reflection, unlearning and re-learning, healing broken parts back to wholeness so I can learn to love myself and know I’m #deservingoflove.

I’ve had learn who I wanted to be.

#LIFE is like a wave, with crests and troughs. It’s never linear.

The work is to find joy and balance in the ups… even the downs…and everything in between.

Just this past year, life threw me off balance and rocked me with uncertainty and pain with my dad’s death, giving birth, feeling adrift and grasping to find myself again as a #newmom, wife and entrepreneur.

#God gives us what we can handle. He knows every detail of the plan, even when we feel lost.

On the other side of challenge and suffering is something even more beautiful than we could imagine. #Trustthepath.

It’s so easy, especially on social media to only see someone’s perfect life.

We compare our messy chaos to their perfectly crafted squares.

We never see their struggle or their pain.

Life is imperfect. It is flawed and fabulous, with suffering and joy.

If you’re in your darkest days, remember the sun is always shining above the clouds even if you can’t see it. The sun is there and you’ll see it soon.

Have faith. I love you

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