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EP 70: The ONE thing to overcome FEAR

Last week, I shared that I was feeling low, stuck and uninspired. Our #ittybittyshittycommittee brainwashes us with repetitive dialogue that is often negative and vague. Listening to it just perpetuates fear. Although it’s healthy to feel heavy feelings, it’s unhealthy to dwell in those feelings, looping you into a story that shapes your beliefs and […]

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EP 51 – Healing Chronic Anxiety in our Youth

Meet Tedx speaker, Megan Gallagher, who has turned her anxiety into purpose now as a mental health advocate for young adults. She’s an author, blogger and a speaker and she’s just 23 years old. Did you know, one in three teens will feel chronic anxiety? This is an alarming statistic! Today on the Soul School […]

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Are You Carrying Too Much?

On Friday, I was carrying a bunch of groceries into my home, and thought I could open my back door while carrying 7 bags in both arms, a box perched on my knee and pressed against the wall, and a bag of fruit tucked under my chin. I looked like I belonged in a circus. […]

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