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Our children are our greatest teachers

Hunter had a playdate yesterday, and she kept hitting her new sweet friend about a dozen times. She was ornery and being a bully. I was mortified and didn’t know what to do, so I tried to make light of the situation, profusely apologized and made a joke, all the while feeling ashamed of my […]

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* F * Comparison

Look at this sweet face! Don’t you just wanna squeeze those cheeks? I love this girl and she is the BEST baby during the day, but (like her mom) has major FOMO and because of lack of sleep and exhaustion she becomes a gremlin at night (I say that with the utmost love). She’s a social […]

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PAUSE…BREATHE… REPEAT (a meditation)

Did you know you have 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day? Usually there the same thoughts you had yesterday, and often they are negative. So, today, we are just going to hit PAUSE…BREATHE… & REPEAT to help de-clutter any of the chatter in your mind. Hope this helps bring some clarity and peace to your day.   PAUSE…BREATHE…REPEAT […]

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EP 51 – Healing Chronic Anxiety in our Youth

Meet Tedx speaker, Megan Gallagher, who has turned her anxiety into purpose now as a mental health advocate for young adults. She’s an author, blogger and a speaker and she’s just 23 years old. Did you know, one in three teens will feel chronic anxiety? This is an alarming statistic! Today on the Soul School […]

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EP 24: Abundance Flows to Me Everyday

How do you react to this statement? If you are triggered, then this is a place to work on and find the surprising, small ways (and big ways) abundance flows to you every day. How are you finding ways this week of abundant things you are grateful for? Please visit my website to leave your comments or […]

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