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The Power of Intention

“Heaven and Earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find” – Wayne Dyer When living unconsciously, it’s easy to feel lost, powerless, reactive and unsure of your purpose. Every choice you make has a consequence, and you will reduce your suffering when you make these choices consciously. The power of […]

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Follow Your Internal GPS

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.”  - Dean Koontz I received a bunch of tweets, texts, and emails about last week’s blog, and it got me thinking deeply about relationships. In particular, how do you know when it’s time to work on and stay in a relationship or when it’s time to cut the cord […]

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Are You Carrying Too Much?

On Friday, I was carrying a bunch of groceries into my home, and thought I could open my back door while carrying 7 bags in both arms, a box perched on my knee and pressed against the wall, and a bag of fruit tucked under my chin. I looked like I belonged in a circus. […]

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Be True to Yourself

In daily ways, we are judged, discounted, and even pitied for glories that only we can affirm. In the end life is too magnificent and difficult for us to give away our elemental place in the journey. – Mark Nepo How often have you said yes when you really mean no to please others? How […]

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10 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick

It’s pretty easy to get sick during the Holiday season. For most of us (the unlucky ones who don’t live in Florida), the weather has turned really cold, there are Holiday parties, which means alcohol, sharing of food, and more germs. In addition with the Holidays comes more stress, dealing with family, more multi-tasking, minimal […]

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