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Relieve Stress at Work

  Join Audrey Sutton for a quick and easy yoga video that you can do at your chair at work, on a plane or anywhere where there is a seat. Relieve head to toe stress by stretching your muscles while sitting. Please let me know how this video helped you. Leave a comment below or […]

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Find Your Santosha

Last week, a student sent me the most beautiful, heart-felt email about the positive influence that I’ve had on her life. I was incredibly moved, because I love feeling that kind of special connection to people, building relationships, and helping people live with joy and abundance in alignment with their True Selves. Her kind words […]

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Celebrate Yourself Even When You Suck

I’m engaged to the ultimate manly man. He has long blond locks and a grizzly beard and muscles like Hercules. He can build anything, break anything and fix anything. He hunts, hikes, skis, swims, surfs, free dives, runs, scales mountains, kicks sharks in the face and beats his chest like Tarzan. Well, everything is true […]

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How to Set Goals you will REALLY keep!

Have you ever set a New Year’s Resolution or Set a goal, only to keep it for a few weeks? Learn how to set goals you will REALLY keep! Instead of starting at this point today and setting 1-year, 5-year, 10-year goals, we will begin at the end and work backwards. Hope this video and […]

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Fuel Your Happiness

We could all use a little more dose of happiness in our daily lives! Why not start today? Check out my YouTube video on How to Fuel your Happiness and raise your vibes on a daily basis. Join me for the next 10 days for a gratitude journey and share 3 things you are grateful […]

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