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How to balance the Chakras through Breathing

I have greatly enjoyed teaching my Yin Chakra Melt workshops in South Florida. It’s a combination of all the things I love: Yin Yoga + Chakras + aromatherapy healing + and of course getting to share my SOULSHINE messages! There’s so much information about balancing the 7 main Chakras. To learn more about each Chrakra […]

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How to Get into Eka Pada Koundinyasana Arm Balance

Every wonder how those crazy yogis get into those #armbalances? Here’s a step by step how to video for getting into #koundinyasana Arm Balance, along with instructions for opening the hips and muscles. Breathe, have fun, and let go of the attachment to the outcome. You’ve got this! Namaste, Audrey p.s. Let me know what […]

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EGO: Remove the E and Let it GO

I love helping people connect to their purpose and align with their True Self. Your True Self is your Soul, that part of you that is authentic and free and wants you to celebrate and share your gifts with the world. Your True Self unconditionally loves you, believes in abundance and knows you are worthy […]

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