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EP 005 – Mantra Monday: Peace Begins with ME

  Welcome to Mantra Monday where we start your week off with an intention, a quote or just a little thought in 5 minutes of less to inspire your day and week. Today’s mantra is Peace Begins with ME. Most of the time, we are unconsciously reacting to circumstances, to people, to our own emotions […]

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Be True to Yourself

In daily ways, we are judged, discounted, and even pitied for glories that only we can affirm. In the end life is too magnificent and difficult for us to give away our elemental place in the journey. – Mark Nepo How often have you said yes when you really mean no to please others? How […]

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What’s Your Purpose?

   2013 hasn’t been the best year – I’ve been dealing with my dad’s terminal illness, had 2 heartbreaks and went through a lot of internal struggles. It has been a bit of a rough road the past 4 years since I got divorced, moved from California to Florida, sold my business and transitioned from […]

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Don’t put your goals on hold

  Why is it that on January 1st we start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions and start working towards accomplishing our goals? Maybe it’s because we know that during November and December we are going to chow down, socialize, stress, and gulp down gallons of champagne. We think we can simply reset everything on […]

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