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Celebrate Yourself Even When You Suck

I’m engaged to the ultimate manly man. He has long blond locks and a grizzly beard and muscles like Hercules. He can build anything, break anything and fix anything. He hunts, hikes, skis, swims, surfs, free dives, runs, scales mountains, kicks sharks in the face and beats his chest like Tarzan. Well, everything is true […]

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Don’t Be Afraid to Shine Bright

I have struggled with self-worth issues for as long as I can remember, as far as pre-school – even though I have usually been pretty popular, smart, and performed well in school and in my career. In truth, I just want to be liked. In fact, I wanted to be popular even more than I […]

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How to Get into Crow Pose

Happy Saturday! Last week was all about the #LOVE and #heartopener #yogaposes. This week we share poses that we thought were so difficult but worked hard and now rock them! My pose is #Bakasana – (#CrowPose). When I first started doing #yoga, I could never imagine balancing on my arms. I had a hard time […]

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