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EP 51 – Healing Chronic Anxiety in our Youth

Meet Tedx speaker, Megan Gallagher, who has turned her anxiety into purpose now as a mental health advocate for young adults. She’s an author, blogger and a speaker and she’s just 23 years old. Did you know, one in three teens will feel chronic anxiety? This is an alarming statistic! Today on the Soul School […]

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EP 22: Defense Is The First Act of War

EP 22: Defense Is The First Act of War I love my mom dearly, but we’ve always had a semi tumultuous relationship. She doesn’t listen well and I get mad at her for not listening. When I call her out or make a huff or a gruff noise, she immediately goes on the defensive and […]

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EP 13: Three Ingredients to Being Happy

I’ve always been kind obsessed with what makes people happy. I had a happy childhood, but I struggled with major insecurities of wanting to be liked and seeking approval of others more than wanting to be authentically myself. I wish I knew at a young age what happy really looked like and how I could […]

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EP 007 – Mantra Monday: Cultivate Curiosity

EP 007 – Mantra Monday: Cultivate Curiosity Welcome to SOUL SCHOOL WITH AUDREY and Mantra Monday where we start your week off with an intention, a quote or just a little thought in 5 minutes of less to inspire your day and week. Today’s Mantra Monday is all about is cultivating curiosity. If you’ve ever […]

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