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EP 52 – Don’t Take it Personally

I want to share what happened last week when I asked my dear friend for her feedback about this podcast. She gave me some great, honest advice. She said she could tell I’m reading from a script, and she wants to hear ME, my personality. I thanked her and then quickly had to get off […]

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EP 29: Follow Your North Star with Christian Piuma

Meet Christian Piuma, our first male Soul School guest, who vulnerably shares his transformation from living a stressful Silicon Valley corporate life to finding his purpose as a transformational coach working with high performers who are frustrated with their careers. While checking off the boxes of success as a high performer, he became the victim […]

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Welcome to the SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey podcast!

                    Hi there! Do you love to have deep soulful conversation about topics that feed your soul? Well, you’re in the right place! Welcome to soul school. I’m Audrey Sutton Mills and I love to have deep soulful conversations. We can become distracted in our world […]

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