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How to Get into Crow Pose

Happy Saturday! Last week was all about the #LOVE and #heartopener #yogaposes. This week we share poses that we thought were so difficult but worked hard and now rock them! My pose is #Bakasana – (#CrowPose). When I first started doing #yoga, I could never imagine balancing on my arms. I had a hard time balancing on my feet! I felt heavy and clunky. It is amazing what we can do just by focusing, being present to our body, and utilizing our breath. Yoga is so beautiful to me because everything we do, think, and every body part is active and alive. In arm balances you especially need to be fully present and aware, and even your heart and toes must be active and shine. You will no longer feel heavy. You will feel light and strong!

1. Squat into Malasana (yogi squat) with your inner feet a few inches apart, knees wide, and hands at your heart. If it isn’t possible to keep your heels on the floor, support them on a thickly folded blanket. Stay here for a few breaths. Imagine your tailbone descending towards the ground, and you lengthen through your spine, neck and crown of head. Activate your mula and uddiyana bandhas (pelvic floor lifts and locks & you draw your belly button and ribcage in). Press your upper arms into your knees, and equally press your knees into your triceps. Imagine squeezing into a little ball from all angles.

2. Place hands under shoulders, lift your hips really high, come to your balls of your feet. Bend at your elbows (think strong Chaturanga arms).

3. Press your knees high on your triceps/armpits. Now squeeze into the knees, and knees press into arms. Re-activate your mula and uddiyana bandhas (draw belly in and up). Press your hands and finger pads into the mat so much so that your upper back puffs and lifts. Now look forward a foot in front of your and reach your heart forward.

4. Keep that squeezing in motion/reach your heart forward and lift 1 toe…maybe lift both toes. Press into the mat. Squeeze into a little ball. Ankles press together and flare toes while you continue to reach your heart forward.

5. Squeeze the knees against the triceps, press the inner hands firmly to the floor and (with an inhalation) straighten the elbows.

6. Stay in the pose anywhere for a few breaths. To release, exhale and slowly lower your feet to the floor, back into you yogi squat. Find gratitude for your body and let go of the outcome.

# Buddha said “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” You can totally do this! Be present to each step, especially the bandhas and breathing. Be patient, gentle and trust that you will do the work, and eventually you will feel light and float into crow pose! How we face challenges plays a big role in the outcome of them. Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom. Can’t wait to see your #crowpose and all of the variations.


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