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Interpreting Justice Reversed in Tarot: Imbalance and Injustice

Hello, readers! Today, I want to explore the fascinating world of tarot and delve into the meaning behind one of its intriguing cards – Justice reversed. Tarot cards have long been used as a tool for guidance and introspection. The Justice card, when reversed, signals the presence of imbalance and injustice. It serves as a powerful reminder that fairness and integrity may be lacking in a situation, prompting us to delve deeper into the truth and reassess our moral values.

As we explore the meaning of Justice reversed, we’ll examine its implications in different areas, including love and relationships, the outcome of a situation, finances, and career. So, let’s dive in and uncover the hidden truths behind the reversed Justice tarot card.

Key Takeaways:

  • Justice reversed indicates a lack of fairness and honesty.
  • It serves as a reminder to explore the truth and reassess our moral values.
  • In love and relationships, Justice reversed suggests a presence of imbalance or dishonesty.
  • The outcome of Justice reversed may not be favorable or just.
  • In finances and career, Justice reversed warns against unethical behavior and unfairness.

The Meaning of Justice Reversed in Love and Relationships

In love and relationships, the Justice card reversed serves as a powerful indicator of imbalance, unfairness, or dishonesty. It suggests that the relationship may lack integrity, and that one or both partners may not be taking responsibility for their actions. This lack of accountability can lead to a breakdown in trust and can create an environment of injustice within the relationship.

When Justice is reversed in a love reading, it is essential to address any issues of unfairness and work towards restoring balance. This means examining the truth of the situation and confronting any dishonesty or deceit that may be present. It is an opportunity for both individuals to reflect on their actions and take ownership of their part in the relationship’s disharmony.

It is also important to consider whether the relationship aligns with your moral values. Justice reversed can indicate a misalignment between the principles you hold dear and the actions and behaviors within the relationship. This misalignment can lead to ongoing dissatisfaction and ultimately undermine the foundation of the partnership.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Striving for fairness and balance is crucial when Justice appears reversed in a love or relationship reading. It might be necessary to have open and honest conversations with your partner to seek resolution and ensure that your needs and boundaries are being respected.

Seeking Justice in Relationships

When faced with the reversal of the Justice card in a relationship, there are some actions you can take to address the imbalance and foster a healthier connection:

  • Have open and honest communication with your partner about your concerns and feelings.
  • Establish boundaries and hold each other accountable for maintaining them.
  • Confront any dishonesty or unfairness within the relationship and work towards resolution.
  • Seek couples counseling or therapy to navigate through the issues and restore balance.

Remember, relationships should be built on trust, fairness, and mutual respect. Justice reversed reminds us to address any injustice that arises and to strive for a relationship that aligns with our moral values.

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The Outcome of Justice Reversed

When Justice is reversed, the outcome may not be favorable or just. It suggests that the situation may be resolved in an unfair or unbalanced manner. It indicates that there may be obstacles or biases preventing justice from being served. The reversed Justice card reminds individuals to be cautious and aware of any unfair outcomes or decisions, and to consider seeking further information or legal counsel if necessary.

“The outcome may not be favorable or just.”

Justice reversed raises questions about the fairness and integrity of the resolution. It signifies that there might be underlying factors that hinder the accomplishment of justice. Bias, prejudice, or an inherently imbalanced system may play a role in the outcome. Individuals should take caution and evaluate the situation critically, ensuring they receive fair treatment.

Unfair outcomes and decisions

Unfair outcomes are a potential consequence of Justice reversed. The imbalance present in the reversed card suggests that the decision or resolution may not align with moral values or adhere to the principles of justice. It is essential to be vigilant and to question any unfair judgments or decisions that may arise.

“Seeking further information or legal counsel can help individuals navigate the complexities and intricacies of a situation where justice is reversed.”

Suppose you find yourself facing an unjust outcome or decision. In that case, it is crucial to consider seeking further information or legal counsel to better understand your rights and options. This additional support can guide individuals in navigating the complexities of the situation and taking appropriate action.

The Effects of Justice Reversed on Finances

When it comes to finances, the Justice reversed tarot card carries significant meaning and implications. It serves as a cautionary reminder of potential financial inequity, deceit, and the importance of conducting financial matters with integrity. Engaging in speculative investments or financial dealings with individuals of questionable integrity is strongly advised against.

Justice reversed highlights the significance of seeking equitable results and avoiding situations that may lead to unfair outcomes. Financial decisions should be made with caution and a thorough consideration of all potential consequences and risks. It is essential to exercise prudence and vigilance when it comes to financial matters.

justice reversed tarot card meaning

Remember, Justice reversed serves as a warning to be cautious in financial endeavors, as the potential outcome may be unjust or unfavorable. By being mindful of the implications and potential risks, individuals can navigate the financial realm with greater awareness and make decisions that align with their values and promote fairness.

Justice Reversed in Career and Work

In a career context, the Justice reversed tarot card carries significant meaning. It serves as a strong indication of unfairness or injustice present in the workplace. This card suggests the existence of misconduct, bias, or a lack of integrity within the professional environment. When Justice is reversed, it is a call to action for individuals to stand up for themselves and seek justice in the workplace.

When faced with unfair treatment or workplace disputes, it is essential to handle the situation with professionalism, honesty, and rationality. Rather than allowing injustice to prevail, it is important to confront these issues head-on. This involves speaking up for what is right, challenging biases, and advocating for fair and equitable treatment for oneself and others.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

By addressing workplace injustices, individuals can foster a healthier and more inclusive work environment. It encourages the establishment of a workplace culture that values fairness, equality, and integrity. Justice reversed in career and work reminds us that we have the power to effect positive change and create a workplace that promotes justice.

Examples of Workplace Injustice:

  • Discrimination based on race, gender, or other protected characteristics.
  • Unfair treatment in promotions, assignments, or opportunities for growth.
  • Harassment, bullying, or hostile work environments.
  • Violation of labor laws and workers’ rights.

The Importance of Seeking Justice:

By seeking justice in the workplace, individuals can protect their rights and contribute to a culture of fairness and accountability. Failure to address instances of injustice can perpetuate a toxic work environment and hinder personal and professional growth.

It is essential to raise awareness of workplace injustices and take appropriate action. This may involve consulting HR professionals, contacting legal authorities, or seeking advice from employment attorneys. By highlighting and addressing workplace inequalities, individuals can pave the way for positive change and create a better work environment for themselves and their colleagues.

justice reversed tarot card meaning
Effects of Justice Reversed in Career and WorkRecommendations for Seeking Justice
1. Unfair treatment and bias1. Document instances of injustice
2. Lack of accountability2. Consult HR department or an employment attorney
3. Toxic work environment3. Report workplace injustices to relevant authorities
4. Hindered professional growth4. Seek support from colleagues or professional networks

How Does The Reversed Fool Card Tie into Themes of Injustice and Imbalance in Tarot?

The Fool reversed tarot card can symbolize the presence of injustice and imbalance in a tarot reading. When this card appears upside down, it suggests a lack of innocence and naivety, leading to potential consequences and unfairness. It serves as a reminder to approach situations with caution and awareness of potential injustices.


Justice reversed in Tarot signifies an unsettling presence of imbalance and injustice. It reflects a world where unethical behavior, dishonesty, and a lack of fairness prevail. This powerful card urges individuals, like you and me, to pause and reflect on our actions, taking responsibility for the role we play in perpetuating or combatting injustice.

Whether it is in our love lives, relationships, financial endeavors, or career pursuits, Justice reversed emphasizes the importance of striving for fairness, integrity, and balance. It serves as a reminder that we must examine the truth critically, challenge our own biases, and make decisions that align with our moral values.

Embracing the wisdom of the reversed Justice tarot, we can actively seek justice in our lives by confronting unfairness, standing up for ourselves and others, and advocating for change where it is needed. The reversed Justice outcome may not always be favorable, but it compels us to persevere and seek the truth even in the face of adversity.


What does Justice reversed mean in the context of tarot?

When Justice is reversed in tarot, it signifies fairness issues, a lack of responsibility, corruption, retaliation, and injustice. It represents imbalance and dishonesty, urging individuals to examine the truth and moral values.

How does Justice reversed affect love and relationships?

In love and relationships, Justice reversed suggests unfairness, imbalance, or dishonesty. It can indicate a lack of integrity or responsibility from one or both partners. It encourages individuals to strive for fairness, balance, and to evaluate if the relationship aligns with their moral values.

What can be the outcome when Justice is reversed?

The outcome of Justice reversed may not be favorable or just. It suggests an unfair or unbalanced resolution to a situation, often indicating obstacles or biases preventing justice from being served. It advises individuals to be cautious, seek further information if necessary, or consider legal counsel.

How does Justice reversed impact finances?

Justice reversed in finances signifies financial inequity, deceit, and caution against speculative investments. It warns against engaging in financial dealings with people of questionable integrity. The card emphasizes the importance of maintaining financial matters with honesty, integrity, and seeking equitable results.

What does Justice reversed indicate in a career?

Justice reversed suggests unfairness or injustice in the workplace, indicating misconduct, bias, or a lack of integrity. It advises individuals to stand up for themselves, seek justice, and confront any unfair treatment or workplace disputes professionally and with honesty.

What is the overall meaning of Justice reversed in tarot?

Justice reversed represents imbalance and injustice. It signifies unethical behavior, dishonesty, and a lack of fairness. The card encourages individuals to reflect on their actions, take responsibility, and seek justice in all aspects of life. It urges the examination of truth, challenging biases, and making decisions aligned with moral values.

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